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Anna Black
Anna Black is a native of Chicago and the bestselling author of the Now You Wanna Come Back series. Her desire to become a published author didn't develop until her late twenties, and she didn't take her writing seriously until several close friends and family members encouraged her to go for it. After signing with Delphine Publications in November 2009, Anna became a bestselling author for her debut release, Now You Wanna Come Back, within a matter of weeks.
She has since released countless novels, short stories and compulations. Starting her own publishing company, Black House Publishing, was launched in May of 2013. 
This award-winning author debuted her new novel I'm Doin' Me under Urban Books January 2015. Now divorced, she currently lives in Texas with her  daughter Tyra, and her adorable dogs, Jasmine and Jaxson.
Anna Black

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Anna Black
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